Users trust us with access to their emails. So we take data security and user privacy very seriously. So much so that our first product, Trackbuster™, was focused squarely on email privacy. With Senders™, you never have to worry about your personal data.

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Your emails are secure + private

Your emails remain on your servers throughout the Senders enhancement process. Within milliseconds, we embed a unique card for each sender and scan the content of the email to remove any encrypted tracking. We never save your emails on our servers.

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You control your Google account

While we require Google authentication to access and enhance your emails, you can always revoke this permission. We never have access to your password.

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Servers + staff

Our carefully selected data centers are located in secure buildings located away from major cities and outfitted with extensive perimeter controls. Our staff is rigorously vetted and only a handful of our senior engineers have access to system servers. Access to all resources requires two-factor authentication.